Silage Wagons

McIntosh Forage Wagon

You expect your farm machinery to go the distance, and McIntosh delivers with Silage Wagons built to the highest quality standards. We’ve thought about the rugged and unpredictable conditions on so many New Zealand and Australian farms and engineered a range of Silage Wagons that won’t let you down when the going gets tough. McIntosh offered one of the first Silage Wagons on the New Zealand market, and we continue to have a proven track record for strength and reliability.

Every detail has been carefully thought out and designed to provide trouble-free operation for years to come. Our Silage Wagons are built with a true bathtub design. The narrower body is ideal for feed pad work, while still being stable on rolling country. Fully welded sides and 5mm steel floor gives our wagon superior strength and durability with no bolted or riveted joints. The elevator angle allows the front of the wagon to be fully loaded against, and it will start every time without the need to back the load off. The steep elevator design ensures the load is broken up and lifted over, not carried over in lumps. This gives a more consistent feed out on the ground.

Standard Features

Floor Chains

Floor chains: Three on the 900 - 1400 models and two chains on the 500 - 700 models. The Titan 800 comes with either 2 or 3 floor chains.

Individual chain adjusters

Individual chain adjusters with a 40mm shaft and 24mm threaded rod.

Heavy duty back door made of 50 x 50 box section to help prevent bending.

True bumper bars

True bumper bars with extra brace on the corner to strengthen and protect the conveyor.

Standard Chassis

Standard chassis on the 500 - 900 models, with ladder.

Stepped chassis to reduce overall height with the larger tyres on 1000 - 1700 models, with ladder.

Cross Conveyor

Cross conveyor slides out 200mm for trough feeding either manually (standard)or by the optional hydraulic ram.

German gearbox

40:1 German reduction gearbox for the floor drive eliminates the use of chains and sprockets, delivering more power direct to the floor.

Sand Blasting

We sandblast and seal prior to the application of our high quality paint system with a two-pack finish to give a durable long-life finish.

Elevator angle

Vertical elevator with adjustable angle. More angled elevators with more weight on them can be harder to start unloading when a full load is one top of them.

13mm floor and elevator chains

13mm floor and elevator chains used on the Titan Series, giving it double the strength of the 10mm used on the Multicrop Wagons.

13mm chain sprockets

Large 13mm chain sprockets used on the Titan Series for longer life and less maintenance.

TyresTyre options available.

400/70 - 22.5
385/65 - 22.5
400/60 - 22.5

Grease line makes greasing of the axle pins a simple job, with no need to get under the wagon or remove mud from the grease nipple to grease it.

Optional Extras

4 floor Chains

RHS mudguard protection

4 elevator Chains

Pivoting cross conveyor extension

Brakes off tractor foot pedal or remote

Brakes on 2 or 4 wheels - hydraulic or air

Cross conveyor

  • Belt 1200mm wide
  • Roller chain 900mm or 1200mm wide
  • Hydraulic conveyor extension 200mm

Load cells on 4 points with optional

  • Alarm
  • Dummy load cells / Conversion kit
  • Remote Display

Electric floor speed control

Swivel draw bar tongue

Gearbox or chain elevator drive

Truck axles

Topper Boards

Skid 300mm long

Grease gun holder with grease gun

Rear idler remote grease lines

LED lights

Walkway length dependent on model x 250mm wide.

Suspension - Airbags or springs

Tyre size options

Standard plate tongue makes hitching up easier using the quick hitch. Optional swivel tongue is idea for rougher country.

Optional 1200mm cross conveyor has a larger opening to help with feeding out square and round bales.

Chan Cross ConveyorChain cross conveyor requires less maintenance than a belt conveyor and has a larger valve and separate speed control. Reduced noise as the chains run on nylon on the top and bottom of the frame.

Pivoting Cross ConveyorPivoting cross conveyor extension for feeding over troughs and fences has two lifting rams, separate hydraulic motor and tracking strip on the belt.

European Load Cell

European load cells protected with steel covered load cell display and screen that turns to the side when loading.

300mm Skid

Bolt on 300mm long skid.

Electronic Floor Speed Control

Electronic floor speed control mounted in the tractor.

RHS Mudguard

RHS mudguard protection

Remote Load Cell Display

Remote load cell display mounted in the tractor cab.

Four Floor Elevator Chains

Four floor and/or four elevator chains optional on all wagons and standard on the Titan 1700 and 1900.

Hydraulic or Air Brakes

Hydraulic or air brakes with extra adjustable external return springs to ensure brake pad release.

Wide Walkway

250mm wide walkway helps with loading bales and minerals.

Multicrop & Titan Specifications

The 500 - 1400 models are available as either a Multicrop or Titan Wagon. All Titan wagon dimensions are the same as the Multicrop but are fitted with; 13mm floor and elevator chains, larger diameter sprockets, larger floor and elevator shafts, bigger gearboxes and optional higher flow oil valves.

Cubic Capacity (m³)
Cubic Tonne (approx.)66.758910.5
Overall Width (m)2.352.352.352.452.45
Overall Length (m)6.607.057.057.808.5
Loading Height of Bin (m)
Axles StandardTandemTandemTandemTandemTandem
Track Width (m)
Tare Weight M/C (approx. kg)25622702290232864312
Tyre Size11.5/80-15.311.5/80-15.311.5/80-15.315/70-80385/65R22.5
Cross Conveyor Height (mm)650650750750
Floor Chains22 or 333
 120014001500*Titan 1700*Titan 1900
Cubic Capacity (m³)17.620.221.524.827.2
Cubic Tonne (approx.)1213.614.617.519
Overall Width (m)2.452.752.452.942.94
Overall Length (m)
Loading Height of Bin (m)2.602.602.902.952.95
Axles StandardTandemTandemTandemTandemTandem
Track Width (m)2.402.702.402.942.94
Tare Weight M/C (approx. kg)48505205528558355980
Tyre Size385/65R22.5385/65R22.5385/65R22.5500/60-22.5550/60-22.5
Cross Conveyor Height (mm)730730730740740
Floor Chains33344

* The 1700 and 1900 wagon is only offered in the Titan range.

Download our user manual - Silage Wagon User Manual

All equipment is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from date of entering service, provided that such equipment has not been subject to improper usage and/or overloading or any other conditions contrary to the manufacturer's specifications or recommendations. Specifications subject to change without notice. Estimated weights are based on a standard configuration and may change if options are added or removed.