Bryant and Bill McIntosh 

Bill and Bryant McIntosh

The Garage Days:

In a humble shed in November 1950, the McIntosh brothers began as jobbing engineers, repairing anything that came their way. Their early days were marked by resilience and craftsmanship, laying the foundation for what would become McIntosh Brothers Engineers Ltd.

The Purpose-Built Workshop:

In the early 1960s, beside the North Island main trunk train line, they erected a purpose-built workshop. Buzzacott sheep showers and stock crates flowed from their hands. Gary Adsett, a stalwart and long serving foreman of the company, joined and still works for the company today, an example of dedication and loyalty of the team.

Crane Hire Takes Flight:
The need for a crane to lift the stock crates led to the birth of the crane hire division in the 1970s. A Commer TS3 truck and good old kiwi ingenuity resulted in the first crane followed by a second and then a third built in the workshop. Agricultural machinery became synonymous with McIntosh Brothers and the blue machines were popping up around the country.

Feeder Wagons and National Recognition:
Star salesman Bob Potts developed the idea of a feeder wagon for New Zealand conditions and modified with modifications to an English version. The first display at the National Field Days in 1973 was a turning point, marking the beginning of continuous innovations in the development of feeder wagons.

Generational Shift:
In 1987, the second generation, Bill’s sons Brett and Craig, entered the scene, helping to modernise the company and develop into new opportunities and markets. Bryant's departure in 1994 marked a transition, but his dedication resonated in the company's ethos.

Expansion and Celebrations:
The new millennium brought expansion, with a move to Armstrong Street in 2008. Celebrating 60 years in 2011, the company embraced its third generation with Scott, Brett’s son, joining in 2011, injecting fresh vigour into marketing and operations.

Legacy Lives On:
The passing of Bill in 2021 marked the end of an era. His legacy lives on as McIntosh Brothers Engineers Ltd, still a family-owned and managed business, celebrates over 70 years of innovation. Brett now leads, with Scott managing McIntosh Cranes Ltd which has grown into a separate company. The commitment to customer needs, product quality, and the farming community remains unwavering, as well as a company that looks after its staff and the Manawatu community.

Towards the Future:
Today, McIntosh Farm Machinery continues to shape the farm machinery industry with new strong, safe, sustainable, and innovative products being developed. This has been helped by a strong loyal New Zealand dealer network and an excellent representative in Australia, Trac Mac Farm Equipment. With the capability and imagination to figure out how to make our products work for you.

McIntosh Cranes continues to support the business and has a reputation for designing innovative solutions in challenging situations, professionalism, and dedication to every job.