Manure Spreaders

McIntosh Manure Spreader

Available in 7.5, 10.8 & 13.5m3 McIntosh Manure Spreaders are designed to spread a wide variety of products in a consistent and even manner. New 13mm floor chains and improved sealing rubbers have enhanced the performance and build quality. Designed for New Zealand conditions

Standard Features

German gearbox

German gearbox for floor shaft drive.

Stepped Spine
Stepped spine for a better throw.

Up to 16m spread with a very even pattern.
Semi liquid waste

Semi liquid waste can be spread with the longer front and back rubber skirts

Solid waste material

Solid waste material.

7.5m³ spreader

7.5m³ spreader

13.5m³ spreader
Sand BlastingAll machines are sandblasted and sealed prior to the application of our high quality paint system with a two pack finish to give a durable long life finish.
  • 2 x 13mm floor chains
  • Mudguards
  • 2 vertical augers with up to 16m spreading coverage
  • One piece heavy duty German gearbox
  • 540 PTO speed spinners run at 350 revs
  • Over run clutch
  • 75 x 40 floor slats
  • Reversible spinner tips
  • Bisalloy plate for bottom of auger
  • Stepped augers for a better throw
  • Flared top for easier loading
  • Wide angle PTO shaft
  • Fully welded floor, no holes for back door guides
  • Bolt on fixed draw bar with 40mm eye
  • Galvanised mesh floor sprocket guard and screen
  • Bolt on reversible auger tips
  • Hydraulic lifting rear door for waste retainment
  • German gearbox on floor drive
  • Brakes on front axle 10.8 on remote 13.5
  • Electric Floor Speed Control
  • Augers are PTO driven through a drive line with overload and over run protection
  • 4 x 13mm floor chains 10.8 and 13.5, 2 x 13mm floor chains on the 7.5.

Optional Extras

  • Brakes - Front wheels
  • Electric floor speed control optional on 7.5
  • Brakes 4 wheels with balancing valve
  • Grease hose from walking beam to mudguard
  • Brakes 4 wheels with contractor
  • Tyre size options
  • Single Axle optional on 7.5
  • Rear lights optional on 7.5


Cubic Capacity (m³)7.510.813.5
Overall Length (mm)730075008700
Overall Width (mm)245024502450
Loading Height of Bin (mm)225026502730
Weight (Kg)399055805580
AxleTandem 70mm HubsTandem 90mm HubsTandem 100mm Hubs
Tyre Size15/70-18385/65R22.5500/60-22.5

All equipment is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from date of entering service, provided that such equipment has not been subject to improper usage and/or overloading or any other conditions contrary to the manufacturers specifications or recommendations. Specifications subject to change without notice. Estimated weights are based on a standard configuration and may change if options are added or removed..