Bale Feeders

You expect strength, quality and performance from your farm machinery, and McIntosh Bale Feeders deliver all three. Our range of McIntosh Bale Feeders are designed to an uncompromising strength standard with an all steel construction, no plastic here! It is not designed to be the lightest on the market because of larger bales, faster tractors and less time for maintenance means every detail needs to be considered to reduce breakdowns and provide trouble free operation for years to come.

McIntosh Single Bale Feeder

Single Bale Feeders

The McIntosh Bale Feeder features combined 24,000lb zinc plated roller chains (the strongest available), 8 tooth sprockets and a larger American made hydraulic motor with 1 ¼” shaft. McIntosh Bale Feeders feature a deep V and a wide width construction that will hold the bale in longer and feed out more evenly and consistently. With dual side feeding capabilities and heavy steel construction this bale feeder is designed to handle all types of round bales without a fuss.


Single Trough Bale Feeder

Our trough feeder extension adds extended sides and the trough feed arm extends 2040mm from the centre of the tractor, A hydraulic ram raises the extension to help get through gates.

McIntosh Double Bale Feeder

Double Bale Feeder
The McIntosh Double Bale feeder’s are design to handle all types of hay, short fine and roto cut silage bales with ease. Our unique bale lift system can lift bales weighing up to 1200kg and allows you to hold the bale above the cradle so when you remove the wrap, the material falls into the cradle and is not wasted. The deep ‘V’ cradle design and dual side feeding capability’s allows you to easily control the amount you want feed out evenly and with our wider cradle design, this gives you more overhang past the wheels to help prevent wastage by the wheels running over the fodder.

McIntosh Double Bale Feeder

Double Trough Bale Feeder

Designed to allow you to be able to break up and feed all types of rounds bales quickly and efficiently onto feed pads, feed rings or over a fence. The hydraulic raised arm folds up to 90 degrees for easier transportation and better versatility.

Multi Bale Feeder

Multi Bale Feeder - 4

The award winning McIntosh Multi bale feeder has been carefully designed to handle all types of silage and hay round bales, without fuss. The unique self loading system, four bale capacity and clever design, makes the Multi Bale Feeder, simple and easy to operate. With it’s rugged construction, dual side feeding capabilities and low center of gravity design, the Multi 4 bale feeder will suit many large herd applications, feeding lots of bales where time and efficiency is important to you.

Multi 5

Multi Bale Feeder - 5

We know you need maximum efficiency on the farm and so add another 1200mm to our Multi 4 and this allows for another bale, less trips out allowing for more time to do other things.

All McIntosh Bale Feeders can be setup to load round or square bales with our square bale feeding option. This allows you to load, carry and feed out large square bales with ease.